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Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Nitrogen sensing and root development in plant
Yue YU, GuiPing RAN, LiMin PI
DOI: 10.11913/PSJ.2095-0837.24026
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Response of leaf functional traits and anatomical structure to altitude in Crataegus songarica in Tian Shan wild fruit forest
XianDe JIA, HaiYing LV, LiMei WU, YiNan YANG, RenHao HUANG, Hao WANG, Xin NIU
DOI: 10.11913/PSJ.2095-0837.23157
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Spatial Variation of Sexual Reproduction in the Remnant Population of the Endangered Species Myricaria laxiflora
XiaoYu SUN, FangQing CHEN, Kun LV, YongWen HUANG, YangYun LIU
DOI: 10.11913/PSJ.2095-0837.23197
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Community Characteristics and Population Structure of Heptacodium miconioides within and around the Nanhe National Nature Reserve,Hubei
Dong ZHANG, ShuaiShuai SONG, ZhengQun DENG, HongWen SHI, XiuJiang SU, DiQiang LI, MingXi JIANG, XinZeng WEI
DOI: 10.11913/PSJ.2095-0837.23130
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Comparative Proteomics Analysis of Developmenting Buds in Brassica napus
DongLi HE, Tian , WeiYing YUE
DOI: 10.11913/PSJ.2095-0837.23153
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Geographic patterns and its environmental drivers of the leaf functional traits of a protected plant Davidia involucrata
ShuaiShuai SONG, Hao WU, LinYu LU, ZhiQiang XIAO, Teng YANG, HongWen SHI, XinZeng WEI
DOI: 10.11913/PSJ.2095-0837.23112
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